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The Cone of Shame

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Introducing The Cone of Shame, the ultimate BDSM toy for rubber fetishists, piss pigs, and puppy play enthusiasts. This heavy rubber cone is designed to mimic a veterinary cone, but with a few kinky twists. First, it intensifies the noise made by the wearer, amplifying their moans and cries of pleasure. Second, it has three lockable points, allowing it to be secured securely in place, ensuring that the wearer cannot remove it without the key. And third, it completely hide the body, only allowing the wearer to see what is directly above them. This creates a sense of humbling and submission that is perfect for those who enjoy being humiliated.

But that's not all – The Cone of Shame is also water resistant, making it perfect for piss play and other wet and wild activities. And with its unique design, it is sure to stand out in any BDSM toy collection.

To use The Cone of Shame, simply have your submissive put it on and secure it in place with the padlocks. Then, take control and guide them through a typical play session. For example, you could lead them on a leash or have them crawl on all fours, all the while amplifying their noises and denying them the ability to see their surroundings. Or, you could use it as part of a piss play scene, having your sub drink from multiple partner while wearing The Cone of Shame. The possibilities are endless – let your imagination run wild and explore the kinky fun that The Cone of Shame has to offer!

About our products

Looking for high-quality BDSM toys that are easy to clean, durable, and vegan? Our heavy rubber toys are perfect for you! Made from industrial-grade rubber, they are shiny, water and piss resistant, and won't tear even during rough play. They are also computer-assisted cut and hand-assembled in Montréal, Canada, ensuring the highest level of quality. Whether you're a rubber/latex fetishist or a bondage enthusiast, our toys are sure to satisfy your kinky needs. Experience the difference!

Care instructions

  • To clean your toys, use a mild dish soap and a bit of warm water
  • Store your toys at room temperature in a dry, ventilated location. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures, as this can damage the material
  • Avoid storing your toys in a non-natural shape for extended periods of time, as this can cause the material to become misshapen or weakened
  • Do not use your toys for suspension play, as this can be dangerous and potentially result in injury
  • Only use your toys for pleasurable and safe activities for adults with full capacity to give and withdraw consent. Follow all safety guidelines and communicate with your partner to ensure a enjoyable and consensual experience

By following these care instructions, you can help to extend the life of your toys and ensure they remain in good condition for continued use. We hope this helps!

Size instructions

Fits a neck circumference of 13.5" - 19.75" (34.29cm x 50.17cm).

The Cone of Shame - Vilain Garçon - The Cone of Shame
The Cone of Shame Sale price$219.95 USD