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Double Snap Hooks (2 pcs)

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Add some versatility to your BDSM toy collection with our Double Snap Hooks. These hooks are made from solid metal hardware and are perfect for linking D-rings together, allowing you to create new positions and scenarios in your play. And with the hooks sold as a pair, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

To use our Double Snap Hooks, simply attach them to the D-rings on your toys and secure them in place. Then, let your imagination run wild and explore the kinky fun that these hooks have to offer. For example, you could use them to link your submissive's ankles to their wrists, creating a hogtie position. Or you could use them to link your submissive's collar to a leash, adding an extra level of control and submission. The possibilities are endless – let your bondage desires lead the way!

Material: Zinc die casting
Surface finish: Chrome plated
Breaking load: 200 kg / 440 lbs

Length: 88mm ; 3 7/16"
Gate opening: 9mm ; 11/32"
Eye diameter: 10mm ; 3/8"


Laboratory-tested as not releasing nickel. That means that even though this item contains nickel, it does not spontaneously release any and is hygienically safe. The risk of an allergic reaction exists, but is much lower than with material that may release nickel.